We plan judo, kendo, Japanese halberd, the spread of Kyudo or other martial arts promotion and contribute to establishment of social order and young healthy upbringing.

Recruitment of exercise classroom students

  • Runners member

    Runners member pay

  • Nordic events walking classroom

    Nordic events walking classroom is charged

    Please make a reservation over telephone.

  • Personal training

    Personal training is charged

    Experienced exclusive belonging trainer instructs in man-to-man. We answer wide request from health maintenance to body making. It is recommended to person who wants to give effect in a short time.

  • Professional tech

    Professional tech pay

    Low back pain treatment device pro tech is sitting down on chair and we fix and remove weight of the upper body from hips in state that we hold the upper body said to be 60% of total weight and gave and can let you lower intervertebral disk internal pressure and relax low back pain. Furthermore, we can perform kinesitherapy, mobiraizeshonsutoretchi such as hips, lower limbs parts in state without pain.

  • HIP HOP dance

    HIP HOP dance is charged

    Or telephone apply for Nagai training center directly. TEL: 06-6699-8885

The use of facilities

The use of facilities

It is general sports training facilities which anyone in Nagai Park can use.

Various sports classrooms go and contribute to civic healthy life.